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My Search for Pain Relief

As a Natural Health Professional, the solution to my chronic pain has been to create Kawakawa Miracle Oil and Balm and Lavender Kawakawa Miracle Oil and Balm. These unique remedies are a synergy of Kawakawa Leaves, Gotu Kola Leaves, Elite Shungite, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E and carefully selected Essential Oils.

My health problems were caused by injury, degeneration, inflammation and auto-immune disease. Finding my Kawakawa Miracle remedy so very effective for myself and others who tried it, I am now making the Kawakawa Miracle products so everyone can benefit.

I trained as a Holistic Physical Therapist and Reiki Master in the UK and had a busyBritt collecting kawakawa leaves where we live clinic in Scotland. I created a natural remedy for my clients to reduce their pain and inflammation, from herbs that grew on our land which were so effective that it became a small but very successful business. Here in New Zealand I needed to find a native herb that had similar properties and discovered the wonders of Kawakawa, used traditionally by Maori as a natural treatment for many ailments. The Kawakawa leaves I use in this remedy grows on the land where I live, high on a hillside above Maungaturoto, as do the Gotu Kola leaves I cultivate for this purpose. These are traditional remedies but with extra natural ingredients (organic Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, essential oils and Elite Shungite). The synergy of all the ingredients creates a unique and effective remedy for pain and promoting healing.

The reason I started making this product as a self-help remedy for myself was that arthritis was attacking my hands and extreme pain prevented me from doing normal tasks. Within a couple of weeks of regular use the swelling in my fingers subsided, my hands became flexible and the pain reduced. After a month I could use my hands normally again without any pain.

Britt giving reiki healingWhat a miracle! I find that daily use on my back reduces chronic back pain and helps increase my mobility. I also use this light fragrant oil and balm as a nourishing facial moisturizer which gives my skin a healthy glow. Regular use of it has improved sun-damaged areas of skin and patches of eczema. Reiki healing energy goes into each product and the gorgeous natural aroma is just the icing on the cake. The koru logo symbolizes the life force energy of creation and regeneration.

These products have transformed my life and I hope they help you too.
Made with love and Reiki Healing. Britt x


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