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Photo Gallery

  • Kawakawa Miracle at Four Square Maungaturoto
    Organic Kawakawa Oil with Lavender and Organic Kawakawa Balm with Lavender for sale at Four Square Maungaturoto. A local, friendly and well stocked supermaket, with competitive pricing.
  • Kawakawa Miracle at DREAMS Maungaturoto
    Kawakawa Miracle Organic Remedies: Kawakawa Oil, Kawakawa Balm and Kawakawa Lip Balm on sale at Dreams Maungaturoto. The most wonderful home decor shop with unique items for your special home.
  • Kawakawa Miracle Display
    Kawakawa Miracle - Kawakawa Oil, Kawakawa Balm and Kawakawa Lip Balm Organic Herbal Remedies.
  • Britt Collecting Kawakawa Leaves
    Gathering the kawakawa leaves, only taking the grandparent leaves to be sustainable.
  • Kawakawa Leaves Gathered by Hand
    Kawakawa Miracle Remedies are made in small batches. For each batch made the correct quantity of kawakawa leaves is essential in order to maintain the consistent therapeutic qualities of the remedy.
  • Amazing Kawakawa Leaves to make a Kawakawa Miracle Happen
    Plenty of holes, plenty of the active ingredients Diayangambin an immune suppressant which aids auto immune disease, and myristicin which is an anti inflammatory and decreases the inflammatory markers of Nitric oxide in the cells.
  • Kawakawa Leaves Where I Live
    Kawakawa leaves on the land where I live. If you're a keen kawakawa forager or lover of plants you may have noticed that more often than not the leaves of this plant are covered in holes. These are made by the hungry caterpillars of the kawakawa looper moth (Cleora scriptaria).
  • Gotu Kola Leaves for Kawakawa Miracle
    Gotu kola leaves cultivated in the garden which are added to the infusion as its properties aid cell regeneration.
  • Kawakawa Leaves Being Weighed
    Freshly picked Kawakawa leaves being weighed, ready to infuse into the organic Jojoba oil
  • Kawakawa Leaves being Washed
    Leaves for Kawakawa Miracle Remedies being washed.
  • Kawakawa Leaves Drying
    The kawakawa leaves need to be thourghly dried after washing, ready for being infused along with Gotu Kola leaves in organic Jojoba oil.
  • Gotu Kola Leaves
    Freshly gathered Gotu Kola leaves to be infused with the Kawakawa leaves in organic Jojoba oil.
  • Kawakawa Leaves, Gotu Kola Leaves and Elite Shungite in Jojoba Oil
    The Kawakawa Leaves, Gotu Kola leaves and Elite Shungite are in a muslin bag and inserted into the organic Jojoba oil. Waiting for the miracle to happen.
  • The Infusion Being Gently Warmed
    The Kawakawa and Gotu Kola Leaves being very gently warmed.
  • Magical Kawakawa Leaves
    A Magical Kaleidoscope of Kawakawa Leaves.
  • Creating Kawakawa Miracle
    Eight essential oils being added to the organic Kawakawa and Gotu Kola Oil to create Kawakawa Miracle.
  • Kawakawa Miracle Balm Being Weighed
    After blending with melted natural beeswax, weighing out the Kawakawa Balm in its liquid state with precision. Made in small batches.
  • Kawakawa Balm Containers Being Filled
    Kawakawa Balm and Kawakawa Lip Balm containers being filled in various stages of cooling.
  • Kawakawa Miracle Balm the Making Complete
    Kawakawa Miracle Balm. Kawakawa is infused into Organic Jojoba oil along with Gotukola leaves to aid cell regeneration along with Elite Shungite. Vitamin E and 8 essential oils are added to enhance the product still further and finally, pure beeswax is added. Creating the unique and wonderful Kawakawa Miracle Balm.
    Use on arthritic joints and rheumatism, sports injuries, sprains, knocks, bruises and to reduce swelling. Give your skin a treat and a treatment all at the same time. Moisturizes and soothes. Use to nourish the skin, and to soothe bites, rashes, irritations, razor burn, eczema, psoriasis and acne. The Elite Shungite helps sun-damaged skin, increases skin elasticity and improves skin texture.