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Lavender Kawakawa Miracle Oil ***** So so helpful - My husband sustained severe lacerations to his fingers from a skill saw accident. The Drs saved his fingers but as they healed the scar tissue was extensive and very dense. The Miracle Kawakawa with lavender oil has been just that...miraculous! The scars have healed remarkably the scar tissue softened and his flexibility has been restored apart from the one joint which was completely destroyed as it was severed. He is also using it on his knee which has tendon and meniscus injury. It is very soothing, relieves his pain considerably and enables him to sleep without painkillers. We are so happy to have this amazing oil in our home at all times as it can be used in many different ways and we wouldn't be without it.  Posted: 2024-04-07 by Alison

Kawakawa Miracle Oil  *****  I've been using your miracle oil since April when I was visiting as this product was recommended. I am halfway thru which is why I wanted to re-order it's so good. Thank you.  Posted: 2023-07-23 15:48     Shirley

Kawakawa Miracle Balm ***** Very Soothing - It was only recently that I tried Kawakawa Miracle Balm on my skin, whilst I was recovering from food poisoning which showed on my skin. Your balm helped to soothe the itchiness, so thank you for a lovely product.  Posted: 2023-07-22 21:55     Barbara

Miracle Oil  *****  Hello Britt. I received my 2 bottles of Kawakawa Miracle Oil a week ago.  Thanks. I am using it for sciatica and cramps every darned night, from big toe up legs to inner thighs both legs. The first day was a bummer but I persevered. AND HEY I've had no cramps since Saturday and my sciatica has improved 100%. I'm using the morning after showering and before I go to bed. I'm feeling so much better about myself. I will recommend Kawakawa Miracle Oil. Once again Thanks So Much.   Posted: 2023-01-30 09.18  RO 

Miracle Balm  *****  The balm helped with the healing of my infection.  Posted: 2023-01-27 11:02   WG 

Miracle Balm  *****  Put it on my cold sore on my lip. Couldn't get rid of it but using the Balm gone the next day. Love the smell. Makes my face feel soft and lovely.  Posted: 2023-01-24 22:44    EP

Miracle Oil  *****  Helped the pain of my husband's toes go away. Fabulous. Received a day after I ordered it.  Posted: 2023-01-24  EP

Kawakawa Miracle Oil ***** It is a miracle - I tried the oil after suffering muscle and bone pain as a result of a broken hip and then two more operations in that area. The oil relaxed the hip area and I was able to lie on that side soon afterwards. It has a gentle pleasant fragrance and leaves my skin feeling soft. I do believe that this special oil is made with love.  Posted: 2023-01-16  Yvonne A

Kawakawa Miracle Oil ***** THANK YOU - Since using the Kawakawa Miracle Oil daily the intense and debilitating pain in my hands has eased. I gently massage the oil into my hands, particularly at night for maximum affect. I am so grateful to get relief from the intense pain and to be able to use my hands again. Also using the Oil on my arthritic knee has helped to relieve the pain and made mobility easier. Many thanks.  Posted: 2023-01-14 by Judy UK

I'm Amazed By The Benefits  *****  I have a painful joint in my foot that I thought was a bunion. I was diagnosed as an arthritic joint that I would have to live with. But since using the Kawakawa Miracle Oil the pain is now not noticeable. I also benefit from the beautiful soft skin on my feet and all the cracked heels and hard skin has gone. I am amazed by the benefits of this oil and a few drops go a very long way. Thank you.   posted: 2023-01-11  Yvonne G UK

Absolutely beautiful oil  *****  I've been applying the oil on my face as a moisturizer and to assist in healing some minor skin blemishes which it has helped a lot. As a bonus, it has a subtle but luxurious fragrance.   Posted: 2023-01-02

Soothing for Arthritic Pain  *****  Using twice a day on my arthritic knee I have regained complete mobility for all normal activities. The knee pain has mostly gone. Many thanks.  Posted: 2023-01-02

THANK YOU  *****  I tried the Kawakawa Miracle Oil yesterday and my hand felt so much better by evening. Thank you Britt. Looking forward to trying more.  Posted: October 2022  Althea

Helped a Very Painful Injury  *****  After a day driving my truck my shoulder was painful from an old injury. I applied the Kawakawa Miracle Balm before going to bed. The pain was gone by the morning.  Posted October 2022  Peter G

Eased Painful Wrists  *****  After using the brush cutter for several hours my wrists were very sore. I applied the Kawakawa Miracle Oil and noticed a significant improvement within twenty minutes.  Posted September 2022 Ginny T

Amazing For My Skin  *****  I have been using the Kawakawa Miracle Oil om my face and hands as a moisturiser. It works amazingly for my sore and dry skin. It’s not too heavy and smells beautiful. I absolutely love it.  Posted August 2022 Sophie

My GOTO For Sore Skin  *****  The Kawakawa Miracle Oil is my new ‘go-to’ when I have any soreness, a minor burn, bite or scratch. It eases the irritation right away. I highly recommend it. Also, my lips get sore and dry in winter. Just a little bit of the Kawakawa Miracle Lip Balm is all that’s needed to soothe and moisturise them.  Posted August 2022 Carrie A

WOW - Amazing Oil and Balm  *****  I have had wonderful results from using the Kawakawa Miracle Balm and am already on my second pot! It has a light clean uplifting fragrance and is very easily absorbed. I use it for persistent very itchy dermatitis on my hands and find it instantly soothes the skin where it is cracked and raw. It keeps my skin soft and supple. I dab it on my daughter’s cuts, scrapes bruises and itchy insect bites. It is such a fab multi-purpose product that I wouldn’t be without.  I have also had great success in using the Kawakawa Miracle Oil to soothe inflammation in my shoulders. Rubbing it in after a hot bath has given a lot of relief. It soaks in right away and is non-greasy. I use the oil on my face as an anti-wrinkle solution and moisturiser, and it gives me a great glow. Truly a miracle product.  Posted August 2022 Annabelle G

Very Soothing  *****  The Kawakawa Miracle Balm is soothing and great for my skin. The smell is amazing and very uplifting. Love it.  Posted July 2022 Luciana O 

Help For Arthritic Wrists  *****  I have found both the Kawakawa Miracle Oil and the Balm to have had a great healing and rejuvenating effect on my eczema, sun damage and other skin disorders, often rendering them gone. Daily use has also helped to reduce the arthritic pain in my wrists. Even used daily it goes a long way so is very economical. The wonderful smell is just the cherry on the top. Highly recommended.  Posted July 2022 Rudy V